Preschool News

Fun and Festivities

Christmas Programs

What a fun and festive time of year at the preschool.  We look forward to our Christmas programs in the sanctuary.  And we will be having Sonya Hatch and Dave Hattersly leading the children in their holiday songs.

Holiday Boutique

We are having a Holiday Boutique, December 7 & 8 in Room 7. This has a different twist. We’ve invited people to make donations of gently-used Christmas decorations. At the boutique you can  choose what you’d like to bring home and make a free-will donation.  Someone’s used decoration could be a new treasure for you!

Bunco Night

Looking ahead, we are planning fundraisers to raise money for our playground renovation.  On Tuesday, January 30, we are hosting a bunco night.  We are welcoming the ladies of the congregation to come and play with us. It will be off campus at the Dodge/Pietila home. It’s $20. to play and we will have prizes, desserts, snacks, and lots of fun. Reserve your spot starting January 15 and join us in the fun!

Merry Christmas from the preschool staff !!!