Job Description – Saturday Ministry Coordinator

The Saturday Ministry Coordinator is responsible for developing and coordinating up to 3 new worship experiences intended to be held Saturday evenings each month. Saturday Ministry Coordinator will be responsible for gathering information to understand the needs of the intended group and then implementing a worship program to best serve those needs. The Saturday Ministry Coordinator will help form disciples through creating innovative, memorable, immersive, learning experiences of worship and fellowship. We are seeking an individual who’s called and gifted by God in the following areas.

Specific Responsibilities:
1. Plan up to three new Saturday worship experiences per month utilizing new, modern styles of learning, worshiping, and discipleship for the local community that is not currently involved in church activities.
2. Survey the needs of our community and consider realistically the areas of concern to be included in a ministry primarily for people aged 25-45.
3. Have a clear understanding of how music can be incorporated in the worship service experience.
4. Actively use electronic forms of communication (social media, text, email blast, etc.) as tools for engaging others, sharing news and prayer requests and providing space to discuss and explore ideas/themes between corporate worship periods.
5. Follow up with visitors to encourage relationships and connection to Community United Methodist Church.
6. Create and build a less restrictive feeling of the “assumed” church experience through positive experiences of Christian community while building relationships and trust.
7. Engage in strategic thinking capability and confidence to collaborate with all levels of church leadership at Community United Methodist Church.

● Part Time 25-30 hours per week
● Necessary to be available Weekends – Saturday in particular, to run this program
● This will be a one-year commitment with the opportunity to continue for a second or more years (up to five years).
● $35,000 annual salary
● $5000 budget for new ministries programs
● Excellent verbal, written, and presentation skills.
● Necessary to attend various church leadership meetings as required.

Primary Responsibilities/Duties:
● Survey the needs and consider realistically the areas of concern to be included in a ministry to young families. (I saw this on a job description and thought it sounded good. 🙂 This person needs to figure out what the needs of the group are and then figure out how to best serve those needs.)
● Seek to develop forms of church that are culturally appropriate to the people who are responding to God

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