Missionary Greetings from Ghana

Missionary Greetings from Ghana

Dear Friends of Community UMC, Huntington Beach, CA

Greetings from my family in Ghana.

We have been devastated with news of the deadliest mass shooting in US history that occurred in Las Vegas last Sunday and our hearts go to the families that have lost loved ones and the whole of the US. We are in prayer with the wounded and pray for God’s speed for their recovery. We also pray for the US to find unity and peace even in these difficult times.

We have also been praying for the people of Houston, TX and Florida over the recent hurricanes and flooding from Harvey and Irma.

I bring to you some good news from Ghana. My most recent newsletter painted a very dismal picture of Ghana as she was engrossed in massive destruction of forests, lands and water bodies through the greed and avarice perpetuated through illegal mining of Gold, diamonds and some precious minerals. I wish to inform you that the situation has changed and Ghana is now enjoying some relative environmental restoration but this was not without very high handed enforcement of mining laws and Government’s commitment and resolve to stop illegal mining.

The current newsletter highlights the measures undertaken to curb the practice of illegal mining and to bring sanity into the mining industry. It is our prayer that the situation is sustained.

I wish also to inform you that plans for my itineration in the US have been finalized and although the notice may reach you rather late, I believe we all will be excited to meet once again and for some for the very first time. I look forward to communicating with you in the coming days and also when we arrive in the US. God willing, two of my children, Toni and Selma will travel with me to the US, but Selma may have to return to Ghana within six weeks to complete her compulsory National Service and may not be available to itinerate with me during visits to your Church. Selma is currently serving with the University of Health and Allied Sciences in Ho, Volta Region We will explore the possibility of getting Toni to join me during the visit to your Church in Huntington Beach so hopefully you will have the opportunity to engage him too in discussions.

I hope to get my third newsletter to you ahead of my visit.

See you all soon.
Your Missionary,
Mozart Adevu