Website Admin Notes

Our Domain Name (“CUMCHB”) is registered with Network Solutions (phone 570-708-8780). They control the assignment of domain names, are our domain name “registrant,” and they manage our Domain Name Server (DNS). Their CUMC contact person is Don Dodge (, cellphone 714-271-7888). Don covers the annual registration fee (about $15) on his personal credit card.

Our website ( is designed and hosted by faithHighway ( Our Account Executive there is Codie Carrillo, 512-534-9953, email The current (2/12/2014) IP address of our website on faithHighway’s “host server” is

Our Domain Name Server, managed by Network Solutions, includes an “A record” which directs website visitors to our host server by “pointing to” the IP address of that server, managed by faithHighway. If, for some reason, the faithHighway team needs to migrate our site to a different host server, then the IP address will change and Don will need to advise Network Solutions of the new IP address … he can do that online.

Normally the faithHighway team will tell us when we need to change the IP address of our host server, but if they don’t, the only way we’ll find out is when we go to the site and get a “404 – Site Not Found” message. In that case we need to contact the faithHighway Support Team at to find out what’s up.