A Grace-Full Life

Sundays – 11:15 AM in Room 8/9

March 5-26

Just an hour can change your whole perspective.

Grace. It’s a game changer. And when never-ending love comes from God, it sometimes feels like more than you can take. Why does God want to have a personal relationship with me? How can I fully experience and respond to God’s grace? What does “grace” really mean?

In A Grace-Full Life, you’ll examine a Wesleyan understanding of grace for the common person. You’ll learn about various forms of grace—prevenient grace, justifying grace, sanctifying grace, and glorifying grace—and you’ll come away knowing how God’s grace truly works in your life.

The book is available for $10 in our office or you can purchase it online as an E book. Wherever books are sold.  There is a DVD component, so the book is not required.  If you are interested or have any questions just contact  Suzanne in the church office. Suzanne@cumchb.org.

Child care will be provided.